Free Vector Character For Your Meeting, ZipUp Brainy

If there is a gathering of people who represent the future and progress in all areas of life, but a visual identity is still needed, this is the right place for you. Meet ZipUp Brainy. Free Vector Character For Your Meeting.

It is stylish, smart and worthy to be your spokesperson. Created from simple geometric forms that give a special charm to this Free Vector Character. Designed to present all kinds of lectures and training that promote our knowledge and skills. Zipup Brainy is memorable and an excellent way of gaining attention.

There is a vector illustration of the character in the file for download, where all elements are separated, and can be easily adjuste to your format or certain parts of the illustrations can be even improved and modified. Besides the vector file, PNG and JPG files of the free vector character Illustration are also attached. It will be a great part of your team, and I’m sure that he will contribute a lot to your project. Enjoy and ZipUp

License: You can use it for anything you like, you just need to write in the description of your project (zipup brainy character source: )

In case you need an animated character for the game, look at the links below:



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