Cool Flat Loop Pattern Background


Backgrounds are the important part of design, and if this flat background can be used also as a special graphic element, then we have a beautiful and very useful creation. I will present you now one of these. My flat mania continues. πŸ™‚

This vector background is made of plenty of graphic elements, which have social, technological and urban characteristic. Each one of this elements can be separated from the background and used individually. Very useful thing. I would like to emphasize that with the background you also get the graphic elements-icons set. All these elements are gathered up in regular geometric form, so you can widen the pattern background indefinitely.Β  Its basis are square and circle, so it would be especially good to adjust your design elements to this form. But you’re not obligated, freedom of creation is a beautiful thing. πŸ™‚ I hope that this pattern background will be useful to you, and enjoy every moment while you create. As usually, it’s free. πŸ™‚ ZipUp




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