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This time, hero’s mission will take place in an urban environment. Every quarter of town has his own story, and this quarter waits for you to create one for it. Free Game Design – Platform Map

This game map is very rich in details and with a wide palette of colors, but the repeated game elements (loop) are reduced to a minimum.  I’ve made an effort to find a balance between game elements and diversity of a map. I know that programmers appreciate very much small number of a game elements and frames and on the other hand, I didn’t want to lose the magic of a game design. I hope I succeeded, game developers will give the last word. Anyway, I enjoyed in every corner of this quarter.

Map contains:

  • Building block ( you can disable it from the game map if you want a faster game and that way your quarter will become suburb)
  • Looped city in the background
  • Hero background (combination of asphalt and soil beneath)
  • Street lights ( I find this detail very cool)
  • Brick wall (also very cool J )
  • Little greenery to enrich the environment
  • And at the very end as a final touch sweet little fluffy clouds

The file for download contains beside png files, vector files also, so you can adjust the map to your needs.

I hope it will be useful to you and that your story will become famous in this very quarter. Enjoy in every day. ZipUp

License: You can use it for anything you like, you just need to write in the description of your project ( Platform environment source: )

Game Design For Free Urban Game Platform Environment ZipUp

Free Urban Game Platform Environment – ZipUp


If you’re missing here (game design main character) for your story, you can find it on one of the following links.

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