Free elements for platform games


Every story’s hero needs a solid background. If your hero misses that, this game design can be a proper thing for you. Free elements for platform games.

This is the basic kit, sufficient for a start. In the future there will be more of this and combining everything gets you really cool maps.

This kit contains element that can form two environments:

  1. Tropic. This environment is characteristic by green color, lawn and flora.
  2. Great desert. Made of yellow-orange landscape, dry branches and a large black stones.

These environments have elements that are completely compactible, so you can join them and make a different combinations.

Kit includes:

  • Ground covered with grass (loop and no- loop )
  • Ground covered with soil ( loop and non-loop )
  • Big black rocks
  • Small black stone
  • Green bush/leaves
  • Yellow-orange bush/leaves
  • Dry branches
  • Blue and yellow sky

Every part of this vector is the drawn vector, so the files are stored in eps and png format.

License: This can be used for every purpose, completely free.




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