Free Animated Game Character – The Crusher


To enjoy in every detail of the game and reach to the end, you need someone full of a strength, courage, concentration and perseverance. The Crusher – Free Animated Game Character

His strong arms knows no obstacles and his strong character will take you all the way to the end. Without fear and with a heart full of courage, every step is a new challenge for him. This is definitely your new hero. The Crusher, also known as a „Big Rock“ is a justice symbol out there on the streets and it’s always peaceful and quiet in his part of town.

Enjoy in his every move. Animated in four movements: walking, standing, kicking and jumping.  Enough for the beginning.  If you want to improve this hero skills, there are vector files of his every movement in the file for download, the rest is up to you. Download it free and let the peace rule in your street and life. 😉

License: You can use it for anything you like, you just need to write in the description of your project ( The Crusher character source: )

If you need a platformer mapcheck out here.





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  1. Lucky Rawat on

    This is awesome work
    I have seen all tutorials
    its amazing & creative
    I wish if zipup also make animation tutorial

  2. HI
    Thanks its very easy to learn
    Great work..
    looking for some more tutorials that covers all elements of illustrator
    yeah ! I wish animation tutorials will come soon

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